PPL(A)/SEP – Private Pilot

Pre-entry requirements

  • Medical Certificate EASA Class 2

  • Min 16 years old

Required Documents

  • Copy of a Photo ID or Passport

  • Copy of study diploma

  • Copy Medical Certificate EASA Class 2

  • 4 photos


The PPL course comprises of about 50 hours of groundschool in 9 different subjects. Clases are done in parallel with flying hours and you can begin your training anytime of the year. According to our training schedule, you can begin flying after the first 5 days of groundschool.

Flying Time

The PPL course comprises a minimum of 45 hours of flying, all of them on DA-20 Katana.
About 30 hours are dual and 15 hours are solo PIC.


Between 3 to 4 months depending on season and weather conditions


Radio operator certificate: 250 Euro Theory + 45h on DA20: 7350 Euro